Practical info


- Accommodation:
  • if you need help in finding an accommodation during your stay at GGI, please contact GGI Housing Office
- Eating in Florence: - Transportation:
  • How to reach GGI
  • Bussino, a small bus, n. 38A, connecting Porta Romana and GGI; tickets available at newspaper kiosks and tobacconists
  • Ataf (public transport company in Florence area)
- Further info about Florence

- Opera di Firenze


Denis Bernard (ENS, Paris)
Pasquale Calabrese (SISSA, Trieste)
Andrea Cappelli (INFN, Florence)
Filippo Colomo (INFN, Florence)
Fabian Essler (University of Oxford)
Giuseppe Mussardo (SISSA, Trieste)

INFN Universita' di Firenze