Focus Week

Lattice Models: Exact Methods and Combinatorics

18-22 May 2015

part of the GGI Workshop on
Statistical Mechanics, Integrability and Combinatorics

This event is one of the activities taking place at Galileo Galilei Institute, in Florence, in the framework of the two month workshop on `Statistical Mechanics, Integrability and Combinatorics'. It aims at bringing together mathematicians and physicists interested in problems at the interface between statistical mechanics, combinatorics and probability theory.

In this Focus Week, emphasis is put on lattice models, and their behaviour at a macroscopic level (scaling limits at criticality) and especially at a microscopic level (combinatorial and algebraic structures).

Main topics:

- Discrete holomorphicity and integrability
- Lattice models and combinatorics
- Quantum integrability and correlation functions.

Deadline for application: May 1st, 2015.



Filippo Colomo (INFN, Florence)
Yacine Ikhlef (CNRS & UPMC-Paris 6)
Paul Zinn-Justin (CNRS & UPMC-Paris 6)


Thanks to: