Random Interfaces and Integrable Probability

22-26 June 2015

part of the GGI Workshop on
Statistical Mechanics, Integrability and Combinatorics

This conference is part of the two month program on `Statistical Mechanics, Integrability and Combinatorics', held at Galileo Galilei Institute in Florence, May 11-July 3, 2015.

The conference aims at bringing together mathematicians and physicists interested in problems of statistical mechanics of exactly solvable systems, where various tools and techniques from combinatorics, random matrices, probability theory and representation theory have boosted recent progresses in the fields.

Emphasis is put on random interfaces, such as those emerging in dimer models, random polymer models, random growth processes, Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Processes, etc, and their properties in the limit of large systems (limit-shape phenomena, KPZ university class, etc).

The Conference will include a Poster Session. Participants interested in presenting a poster should send title and abstract to within June 10.

Deadline for application: 15 June 2015.



Alexei Borodin (MIT)
Jérémie Bouttier (CEA, Saclay)
Filippo Colomo (INFN, Florence)
Richard Kenyon (Brown University)


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