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Stefania De Curtis's picture

Stefania De Curtis

room: 325 (INFN, staff)

The main topic which has been present in a large part of my scientific activity is the dynamical symmetry breaking phenomenon both in strong and electroweak interactions. I'm working on the formulation of Beyond Standard Model (BSM) scenarios deriving by a strong underlying dynamics and study their experimental manifestations at present and future particle accelerators. I'm also interested in addressing the cosmological implications of a strongly interacting completion of the SM.
Michele Redi's picture

Michele Redi

room: 302 (INFN, staff)

I work at the interface between particles physics and cosmology. I am broadly interested in theoretical aspects of physics beyond the SM. Currently the main focus of my research is dark matter and strongly coupled extensions of the SM.
Diego Redigolo's picture

Diego Redigolo

room: 291 (INFN, staff)

As a theorist, I am interested in exploring new ideas beyond the Standard Model and finding new ways of testing them at colliders and in cosmological and astrophysical observables. Recently I am interested in 21cm cosmology, gravitational waves signals and new searches for exotic physics at colliders.
Andrea Tesi's picture

Andrea Tesi

room: 292 (INFN, staff)

I am interested in new physics beyond the Standard Model that can be investigated by means of theoretical and phenomenological approaches. Recently, I became interested in cosmology, since it can offer new ways to test fundamental physics, for example through the study of Dark Matter and cosmological transitions in the Early Universe.
Giuliano Panico's picture

Giuliano Panico

room: 296 (Florence U., staff)
My email is followed by (AT) unifi.it

My research activity is mainly focused on the study the Higgs, electroweak and flavor dynamics in the Standard Model and its extensions. My interests range from the theoretical analysis of new-physics theories, to more phenomenological subjects oriented to collider experiments and cosmology.
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Daniele Dominici

room: 311 (Florence U., staff)


Luigi Delle Rose's picture

Luigi Delle Rose

room: 329 (INFN, post-doc)

Rafael Delgado Ló&'s picture

Rafael Delgado López

room: 319 (INFN, post-doc)

My current research interests are related with the collider phenomenology of beyond-SM electroweak physics, via Effective Field Theories (EFTs). I am interested both in linear (weakly coupled) and non-linear (strongly coupled) representations, and on dispersion relations. Furthermore, I also contributed several areas of theoretical physics, like the Lattice project TUMQCD (in my first post-doc), the collider phenomenology of dark matter models, and a condensed matter project (at the level of a Master thesis).
All the email addresses are followed by "(AT) fi.infn.it", unless otherwise stated.
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