``Geometry of Strings and Fields”

September 8th-13th 2013

Organizers:  Francesco Bonechi (INFN), Alberto Cattaneo (Zurich University), Sergei Gukov  (Caltech University), Martin Rocek (Stony Brook University), Domenico Seminara (Università di Firenze) ,  Maxim Zabzine (Uppsala University)

  1. Invited Speakers:

  1. Damien Calaque  Derived geometry and the classical BV formalism

  2. Clay  Cordova  Line Defects in N=2 Quantum Field Theory

  3. Tobias   Ekholm   Topological strings and knot contact homology   [slides

  4. Giovanni Felder    Critical loci and classical master equation

  5. Ezra Getzler    Derived stacks

  6. Sergey Gukov   New geometric correspondence between 4-manifolds and 2d gauge theories     [slides]

  7. Reimudo Heluani   Mathieu's Moonshine

  8. Chris Hull  Time for the M5-Brane [slides]

  9. Johan Kallen  Instanton effects and quantum spectral curves

  10. George Papadopoulos   Symmetries of black holes and index theory    [slides]

  11. Sara Pasquetti    3d&5d partition functions as  q-CFT correlators      [slides]

  12. Sanjaye Ramgoolam    Free fields, Quivers and Riemann surfaces     [slides]

  13. Nick Rozenblyum   Shifted  Poisson structures and quantization

  14. Susanne Reffert  The Omega deformation from String and M-Theory     [slides]

  15. Katharina Rejzner  Effective quantum gravity as a locally covariant QFT     [slides]

  16. Miguel Tierz  Refined Chern-Simons and q-2d Yang-Mills theories through matrix models     [slides]

  17. Alessandro Tomasiello    Supersymmetry on curved spaces and holography    [slides]

  18. Gabriele Vezzosi   Derived symplectic geometry   [sildes]

  19. Rikard Von Unge   Generalized Kahler Quotients

This conference is part of the  8-week program ``Geometry of Strings and fields’’ taking place at GGI  from 26-08-2013 to 20-10-2013