Geometry of Strings and Fields

GGI Program from 26-08-2013 to 20-10-2013

Organizers:  Francesco Bonechi (INFN), Alberto Cattaneo (Zurich University), Sergei Gukov  (Caltech University), Martin Rocek (Stony Brook University), Domenico Seminara (Università di Firenze) ,  Maxim Zabzine (Uppsala University)


This 8-week program will cover several topics at the frontier between theoretical  physics and geometry,  namely recent developments in string and  quantum field theory  which are of strong geometrical interest. We will emphasize particularly  subareas such as: the application of supersymmetry in differential geometry, generalized geometry, vertex algebras, topological field theories.

Within the program there will  be pedagogical lectures, organized  in two focus weeks  [September 2nd-7th and October 7th-12th]. Moreover there will be the program  conference from September, 8th to  September, 13th.

All the lectures given during this program are also available  on the YouTube channel “Geometry of String and Fields”