INFN Colloquia
Past events, with slides

- 3 June 2015
Andrei Okounkov (Columbia University)
Spin chains and the Grassmannian, with generalizations [abstract]

- 27 September 2016
Massimo Porrati (New York University)
An Apology for AdS3 [abstract, slides]

- 25 October 2016
Franco Lucarelli (Università di FIrenze)
La qualità dell'aria nelle città del Sud Europa:
i risultati del progetto AIRUSE sul particolato atmosferico [abstract, slides]

- 29 November 2016
Stéphan Monteil (Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand)
Future Circular Colliders project (FCC): a long term vision for Particle Physics [abstract, slides]

- 28 March 2017
Thors Hans Hansson (NORDITA, Stockholm)
The 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics [abstract, slides]

- 28 April 2017
Fiorenza Donato (Univerità di Torino)
Dark matter in the Galaxy [abstract, slides]

- 9 May 2017
Valeria Muccifora (Univerità di Torino)
Status, Experimental Results and Perspectives of the ALICE experiment [abstract, slides]

- 23 May 2017
Wojciech H. Zurek (Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico)
Decoherence and the Quantum Theory of the Classical [abstract]

- 8 June 2017
Dmitri Kharzeev (SUNY, Stony Brook)
Chirality: from particles and nuclei to quantum materials [abstract, slides]

- 22 June 2017
Ulf Leonhardt (Weizmann Institute of Science)
Transformation Optics [abstract, slides]

- 22 June 2017
Paul Wiegmann (University of Chicago)
Hydrodynamics of Onsager's vortex flow [abstract, slides, movie]

- 27 September 2017
Francesco Becattini (Università di Firenze)
Subatomic vortices [abstract, slides]

- 19 October 2017
Giovanni Passaleva (INFN - Florence and CERN)
LHCb at LHC: recent results and search for new physics [abstract, slides]

- 19 October 2017
Martino Trassinelli (CNRS & UPMC-Jussieu, Paris)
Study of quantum electrodynamics and chromodynamics in atomic bound systems [abstract, slides]

- 25 January 2018
Luciano Rezzolla (Goethe Universitä, Frankfurt)
Binary neutron stars: Einstein's richest laboratory [abstract, slides, movie 1, movie 2]

- 13 February 2018
Giulio D'Agostini (Università di Roma La Sapienza)
Claims of discoveries based on statistical tests ('p-values') [abstract, slides]

- 20 February 2018
Massimo Ferrario (Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, INFN)
From SPARC Lab to EuPRAXIA [abstract, slides]

- 1 October 2018
Nickolay Y. Gnedin (The University of Chicago)
The End of Cosmic Dark Ages [abstract, slides]

- 10 October 2018
Peter Hänggi (Universität Augsburg)
The ring of Brownian motion: Past, Present and Future Trends [abstract, slides]

- 22 March 2019
Fabrizio Ferro (INFN - Genova)
Diffraction at Totem and CMS [abstract, slides]

- 28 May 2019
Giovanni Modugno (LENS, Università di Firenze and CNR-INO, Sezione di Pisa)
A dipolar quantum gas with supersolid properties [abstract, slides]

- 25 June 2019
Antonio Di Domenico (Università di Roma La Sapienza)
L'esperimento KLOE-2 a DAFNE [abstract, slides]

- 10 December 2019
Tommaso Boccali (INFN, Pisa)
Machine Learning in High Energy Physics [abstract, slides]

- 15 Marzo 2023
Anatoly B. Kolomeisky (Rice University, Houston, Texas)
When Will the Cancer Start? [abstract]