Other scientific publications
(Book, proceedings, etc.)

- Limit Shapes and Fluctuations in Statistical Physics
Filippo Colomo, Sylvie Corteel, Jan de Gier, Philippe Di Francesco, Vadim Gorin, Tomohiro Sasamoto (eds.)
Special Issue of Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical (2023) [further info]

- The Birth of String Theory
A. Cappelli, E. Castellani, F. Colomo, P. Di Vecchia (eds.)
Cambridge University Press (2012) [further info]
This is an edited volume, collecting about thirty non-technical papers, by most of the physicists who contributed to the development of string theory, in the 1960's and 1970's. This scientific/historical book pursues the project initiated with the conference "The birth of string theory" held in Galileo Galilei Institute, Florence, May 18-19, 2007.

  A review of the book by Dean Rickles, for `Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics', is available here or here.
  A review of the book by Adrain Wuthrich, for `ISIS', is available here or here.
  A review of the book by Sebastian de Haro, Jans Henke, Darrell Tang, for `Foundations of Physics', is available here or here.

- Introduction to the Bethe Ansatz Solvable Models - lectures by A.G. Izergin
F. Colomo, A.G. Pronko (eds.)
Università di Firenze (2000)
avalaible upon request

- Frustrated magnetic systems and the q-oscillator
A. Cappelli, F. Colomo
Zapiski Nauchnyh Seminarov POMI 251 (1998) 57 [abs]
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- Constraint Theory and Quantization Methods
F. Colomo, L. Lusanna, G. Marmo (eds.)
World Scientific, Singapore (1994)
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- Temperature correlation functions in the XX0 Heisenberg chain
F. Colomo, A.G. Izergin, V.E. Korepin, V. Tognetti
in ``Atti del Congresso Nazionale di Fisica della Materia'' Brescia (1994)
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- S-matrices of kink configurations and finite-size effects
G. Mussardo, F. Colomo, A. Koubek
in ``Proceedings of the 5th Conference on Mathematical Physics''
Edirne (Turkey) (1991); preprint ISAS/51/92/EP
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- Classical observables of the Nambu string from the many-time approach
F. Colomo
in ``Proceedings of the 13th John Hopkins Workshop: Knots, Topology and Quantum Field Theories''
World Scientific, Singapore (1989)
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- Canonical Observables versus Algebra of Invariant Charges for the Open Nambu String
F. Colomo, L. Lusanna
Preprint DDF 109/9/89, Universita` di Firenze (1989)
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