The Birth of String Theory 

Florence, May 18 - 19, 2007  

- M. Ademollo (Florence)
The prehistory of strings: from current algebra to the Veneziano formula [pdf]

- G. Veneziano (CERN & College de France)
Rise and fall of the hadronic string [pdf]

- P. Di Vecchia (Nordita & Niels Bohr Inst.)
The spectrum of physical states in the Dual Resonance Model [pdf]

- D. Fairlie (Durham)
The evaluation of String Amplitudes [pdf]
   + 1 picture not included in the previous file [jpg]

- P. Ramond (Florida Univ.)
Supersymmetry and the String Dirac Equation [pdf]

- A. Neveu (Montpellier)
Personal recollections about the first three years of string theory [pdf]

- F. Gliozzi (Turin)
From GGRT to GSO through the Ademollo et al. collaboration [pdf]

- M. B. Green (Cambridge)
From the String to the Superstring [pdf]

Supplementary Session, Florence, June 20th, 2007  

- J.H. Schwarz (Caltech, Pasadena)
String Theory -- The Early Years: a Personal Perspective [pdf]
   + 1 picture (Conference in San Francisco, 1978) [pdf]