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What is ECHO-QGP

ECHO-QGP is a numerical code derived from the ECHO code, written by Dr. Luca Del Zanna and designed to perform numerical simulations based on an Eulerian Conservative High Order scheme for time dependent three-dimensional general relativistic magnetohydrodynamics (GRMHD) and magnetodynamics (GRMD).
ECHO-QGP is able to run numerical simulations of high energy collisions between heavy nuclei using an hydrodynamical model of the quark-gluon plasma phase, taking into account second order viscous effects and computing final particle spectra.


08/06/2016: We are glad to announce that the first bug-fix version of ECHO-QGP (version 1.0.01) is available for download!

Release notes: this is the public version of ECHO-QGP, distributed under the terms of the GPL v.2 license.
Several tests have been performed to check the code, but bugs and stability issues may still be possible. We encourage the users to report errors and problems to the developers, so to try to fix them by the next releases. This version relies on a few routines included in the proprietary Numerical Recipes library to compute particle thermal spectra, but their substitution with a free library is in progress and it will be completed in a short time.